School Incursions

Strong Young Minds currently offers workshops for students of all ages.  Schools can choose from one of the following 2 hour workshops. 

The cost is $8 per child (minimum fee $400). 

Year 1-5

"Just The Way You Are"

Identity, individuality and strengths.

"Thank You For Being A Friend"

Friendships and managing friendship issues.

Year 6-10 - primarily targeted to girls.

Shine Your Way 

Explores identity, individuality and strengths.

"Friendship Sparks"

Discusses positive friendships and managing issues effectively.

"Glitter and Gloss"

Focuses on body image.

"Shining Online"

Communicating safely and respectfully online.

"Be A Glow Getter"  

Resilience and goal setting.

Workshops are fun and interactive and incorporate a range of activities including art/craft, role play, games, discussion and worksheets.

* Additional fee may apply based on location*